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We recognize that confidence in the governance of companies is essential and must be earned every day.  We are fortunate to have a very strong Board of Managers who are involved with the leadership and oversight of our business, with particular attention to our compliance with accounting, financial and regulatory standards. We have the highest confidence in our system of internal controls, practices, and policies and, above all, in the integrity of our employees.

In order to ensure transparency in our governance processes, our Board of Manager monitors best practices in corporate governance, including director independence, director qualifications, the election of directors, committee duties and governance, committee composition and qualifications, our code of conduct, policies regarding reporting of complaints involving accounting matters and hiring practices with respect to the employees of a company’s independent auditors.

Parties who wish to communicate with our Board of Managers can mail correspondence to:

c/o Quorum Health Corporation.
1573 Mallory Lane, Suite 100
Brentwood, TN 37027
Attention: Don Esposito
Chief Legal Officer and Secretary
email Don Esposito

In the alternative, interested parties may communicate with our managers by accessing the Confidential Disclosure Program set forth in our Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct

The Quorum Health Code of Conduct is designed to provide all persons and businesses associated with Quorum Health Corporation and its subsidiaries (collectively “QHC”,  or the “organization”) with guidance to perform their daily activities in accordance with the organization’s ethical standards and all federal, state, and local laws, rules, and regulations. The Code is one of the most important parts of the organization’s Compliance Program and reflects our commitment to the highest standard of business ethics and compliance.

The Code summarizes many topics from Compliance related policies. The Compliance related policies provide more specific guidance relating to the topics in the Code. It is the obligation of QHC team members to know and adhere to the policies, as well as the Code.

The Code is based on federal, state and local regulatory compliance and therefore compliance with all policies incorporated into the Code of Conduct is mandatory. Failure to comply with any of the provisions of this Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action and cancellation of contractual or business relationships with physicians, contractors, and agents. Violations of portions of this Code relating to federal healthcare benefit programs may lead to severe consequences including, but not limited to, civil monetary penalties and/or exclusion from federal healthcare benefit programs for team members, physicians, contractors, agents, facilities, or QHC. Questions or concerns regarding this Code or any Compliance related policy should be addressed to a supervisor, the Facility Compliance Officer (FCO), the Corporate Compliance and Privacy Officer, or the Confidential Disclosure Program.