Mesa View Regional Hospital Promotes Heart Health Awareness Month

Mesquite’s annual Heart Walk was full of education and fun this year. The Mesa View team distributed educational materials and healthy snacks as walkers went from the Mesquite Rec Center to the hospital. Rob Fuller, Director of Development & Marketing at Mesa View, explained the importance of physical activity in maintaining heart health and reducing the risk of heart disease, echoing the sentiment that “being sedentary is the new smoking.”

Oregon heart group cardiac surgery

Dr. Nicholas Engstrom, Cardiothoracic Surgeon at McKenzie Heart Group, empathizes with the anxiety many patients face when it comes to heart surgery. One patient expresses his appreciation for this compassionate, personalized, and understanding approach.


Mesa View Regional Hospital hosted an open house welcoming nine new providers with a meet and greet, Mesquite Mayor Al Litman, Mesa View Regional Hospital CEO Kelly Adams, community members, and the Mesquite Fire & Rescue crew.

Young Veterans: A special salute to younger veterans in our community

Many people think of older men who served during the Vietnam era as the typical “veteran.” Perhaps this is because nearly one-half, or 49%, of all veterans in the United States are 65 years old or older, according to information from published in July.

Big Bend Regional Medical Center to Open New Clinic to Improve Access to Care in Presidio and the Broader Texas Region

Big Bend Regional Medical Center is set to open a new clinic, the Big Bend Regional Health Clinic, in Presidio on November 30. This clinic will provide much-needed care to the residents of the West Texas border town, marking a significant milestone in enhancing healthcare access in the region.

Responding to The health crisis of our generation

Protecting our Neighbors and Communities

The pandemic served as a stark reminder that we can't take our health for granted. Even as we stand on the other side of the most recent pandemic, the importance of immunizations remains clear.