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A look into who we are and what we do

Promoting Safety and Quality in the communities we serve

Our commitment to quality drives all that we do. As trusted
caregivers in their communities, our associates strive to provide a
positive experience for every patient who seeks care at one of our
hospitals. Patient safety and quality care are enhanced by a relentless
pursuit of continuous improvement. Patients and caregivers across the country benefit from a focus on evidence-based practices and processes of clinical care proven to improve outcomes and patient safety.

What we believe as an organization

With a vision of improving healthcare in the communities we serve, nearly 4,000 employees in 10 locations around the nation have a common goal. Even before the organization was formed in 2016 as a spinoff of another healthcare organization, most of these healthcare professionals were providing quality, compassionate care to their friends, family and neighbors. Today, we continue to live our values and serve our communities.