OUr Vision:

Improving health in the communities we serve.

Our Mission:


Quorum Health will build sustainable healthcare organizations by:

  • Leading in safety, quality performance and patient experience
  • Investing in resources and services to improve access to local care
  • Valuing the input of physicians, nurses and other professionals
  • Attracting and retaining engaged professionals who share our vision
  • Being good community citizens

Core Beliefs


Quality is the foundation on which all affiliated hospitals should be built. The strength of each hospital relies on earning and maintaining the respect and trust of the community it serves. This can only be achieved through demonstrated quality outcomes measured against our own internal criteria and industry standards.

NUrsing care

Hospitals that differentiate themselves by offering great nursing care are more likely to attract great physicians. This, in turn, leads lead to higher quality care in the community. Each day we encourage great nursing care at affiliated hospitals, empower nurses and nurse leaders to grow, and set standards that can help ensure patient experiences exceed expectations.

A PHysician-Led Organization

The success of our affiliated hospitals also requires physicians act as engaged partners. The creation of an Advisory Board of physician leaders who provide input on major clinical decisions will increase the involvement of all of our medical staff.


The organization’s culture encourages hospital CEOs to lead with an entrepreneurial spirit. It is imperative that CEOs take ownership of their hospitals and not miss opportunities for growth. This message has been made very clear to management teams at all affiliated hospitals.


Rather than viewing rural hospitals as stepping stones to larger markets, we encourage long-term commitment of leaders to facilities. This leads to a higher level of stability for each hospital, loyalty among physicians, and strong community relations.


Assisting affiliated hospitals to be essential healthcare resources in their respective communities is an important role for our organization. We have a responsibility to be good corporate citizens in each community.  This means hospital leadership teams are encouraged to be involved in community activities, lead wellness initiatives and promote good health.


The culture of the organization is key to the success of Quorum Health. This management team working from Brentwood, Tennessee, is encouraged to be responsive and team-oriented with a belief that we are all making a difference in the communities we serve.  Our goal is to eliminate corporate bureaucracy, maintain affiliates as great places to work and reinforce a culture of servant leadership across the organization.